May 16, 2021

Flying Tanks and New Neighbors

Thelast 14 miles on dirt road was the worst. It took close to an hour and half, with many stops picking up straps that were bounced off. Relieved to have made it to our turn off, we notice something not quite right. We drive up closer to the Fort and out comes running, from a half put up tent and car in the Arroyo that is at the top of Ladder Falls. She introudeces her self as our new neigbor, she has a flat and could use some help. Of course. It takes helping and looking out for one another in the desert to exist beside we just happen to have another neigbor that is one of the town's tire guys.
Ladder Falls (view from new neigbor's Land)

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Apr 9, 2021

Easter Flowers and create box walls

What a great Easter trip. Got more of the cabins walls covered. Used these broken down create panels made of plywood that I am getting free from the dumpsters of on of the industrial shops in my home area.
Flowers were in bloom or near bloom all around.
running water still plagues me, as yet another pump has failed. Water guzzler has been attracting the animals. Ravens seemto be daily visitors

Dec 18, 2020

2020 Thanksgiving for the Birds

Greeted by Paisano on the Sink window to start us off.
he stay around all night as we unloaded and moved piles. Was there pre-dawn when Meaux when out to get our guests. It was there when I awoke for a sunrise walk with Daisy. Still there when I got back and all the guests arrived. Some time durring this time he went off not to be seen again. But this was a first of the bird encounters. Amongst many different bird sightings a humming bird took a wrong turn into the cabin.
then a cannon wren. She crashed into the window and I had to help her out. I placed her under the sink by the buckets safe from all the people feet and dogs. After shaking off the cob-webs, she was off to the bird seed. Fort improvement: Hung hooks at lower shade for hammocks.
Meet our new neigbors Joe sold his place to. A nice couple from Alaska that will be around half the year. They bought Joes side x side and I got to go on a ride to the top of the world in it well out rock hunting.

Oct 13, 2020

La Casa Green aquaponic's

Got the green house going at the city place.
Hydroponic system in place:
Here is a picutre of the summer tomotato house