Jan 7, 2020

Moving Piles and trowing Knifes & Terlingua Drive Thru

Had a great 2 week trip during Christmas and New Years 2020.
Moved lots of piles. Piles of material relocated to better spots, piles of trashed out 15 year old plastics to be placed on the trailer home. Piles of rock to while just another spot. Seems like every time I am in the desert, I move piles.
Had a visit from Larry "carry bucket" and we all threw knifes. After some quick lessons from Larry we all were sticking a few.
Last years coyotes stayed around and there den may have even moved closer to the property. One night at dusk, the mother came out to the drive way with her cubs and showed them off. Daisy stayed away from them and let them know she was around.

Wild burros were seen a couple of days, the ravens checked in on us like clock work. The hawks perched up on Raven's peak.

I was able to get the ceiling done with the pallet wood finally. Next up the finishing of the interior walls.

Lastly, a first, we went to town for some tosco's and went thru the first ever food drive thru in Terlingua. Big city in the making.

desert Christmas trees:

great sunrises and sunsets:

and some knife throwing:

some views of the Fort:

after a trailer load of trash made the 800 plus mile trip home the Fort is starting to look clean.

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Dec 15, 2019

PoopBox build & Big Buck

The start of the outhouse rebuild begins and east tx buck.

Ready for Christmas....

Jan 9, 2019

RIP Squirt, Christmas Dinner from the Land

The second leg to my holiday trip is complete. Christmas @ the Fort. Creosote Bush tree with ornaments and laser lights light up the desert night sky.

Squirt "queen of all things small" passed away and now runs freely with the wind out at the ranch.She will be missed.
Here she is being conceived at the porch in town:

Squirt with mom Blue as a puppy:

Squirt at the Fort a week before passing:

We eat Quail and Squirrel(from east tx) with letchigia and prickly pear pads. The cactus did not come out so good, need to learn how to prepare, but the birds were oh so fresh and tasty.

I was going to finish out the ceiling, but as the desert wanted, I did not get it done. As soon as I got all rolled out to start the work , my nail gun hose popped. Needing to feel like I got something done, I added a gutter to the bath house roof and rain barrel for another 50 gallons of catchment. Also got the wing wall next to the sink finished out with an added window. Really helps with cutting down the wind. Got the trailer loaded up with some rocks for the backyard at home as well. As always waiting on the next trip out to the Salvage Yard.

Yummy Quail:

Blackrock Draw:

Sunrise and sunset pic's:

Also finished out the inside of the cabin walls with tar paper to cover the insulation. Looks good for now and makes my paintings pop.

Closeups's of paintings:

A look into the kitchen and finished wing wall:

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