Jan 9, 2019

RIP Squirt, Christmas Dinner from the Land

The second leg to my holiday trip is complete. Christmas @ the Fort. Creosote Bush tree with ornaments and laser lights light up the desert night sky.

Squirt "queen of all things small" passed away and now runs freely with the wind out at the ranch.She will be missed.
Here she is being conceived at the porch in town:

Squirt with mom Blue as a puppy:

Squirt at the Fort a week before passing:

We eat Quail and Squirrel(from east tx) with letchigia and prickly pear pads. The cactus did not come out so good, need to learn how to prepare, but the birds were oh so fresh and tasty.

I was going to finish out the ceiling, but as the desert wanted, I did not get it done. As soon as I got all rolled out to start the work , my nail gun hose popped. Needing to feel like I got something done, I added a gutter to the bath house roof and rain barrel for another 50 gallons of catchment. Also got the wing wall next to the sink finished out with an added window. Really helps with cutting down the wind. Got the trailer loaded up with some rocks for the backyard at home as well. As always waiting on the next trip out to the Salvage Yard.

Yummy Quail:

Blackrock Draw:

Sunrise and sunset pic's:

Also finished out the inside of the cabin walls with tar paper to cover the insulation. Looks good for now and makes my paintings pop.

Closeups's of paintings:

A look into the kitchen and finished wing wall:

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Dec 5, 2018

signs, fences and purple painted rocks

The desert dealt out a couple of kicks to the gut this trip.
Found the outhouse 20 feet from where it belonged and smashed to pieces.
Guess the storms that passed last month got hold of it.
The population boom of town has spread into the Solitario.
Everyone wants to put up road signs, others paint rocks purple declaring the desert there own.
Others tell hunters to keep out.

The power system did not want to start up. This fixed itself the day I had to leave.

I was told I was trespassing while out hiking in the open desert- no structures around.
The folks turned out to be nice but the sunrise hike up the mountain was cut short.

Had some great bug and raptor sightings. A great horned owl and large red tail hawk perched in the cactus'. The walking sticks seemed to be everywhere. The crows came by and visited every day. There was even a "rockhopper".

Came across this amazing group of fishhook cactus.

Here is a look at some of the cactus gardens that have been growing for last five years or so.

Lastly, had a great visit to shaman Pablo

Some shots of the art around the fort.

Ok so the outhouse

So it was a bucket for the week. Started the new outhouse. It will be 4x4 wire filled with rocks, shaped in a spiral

Collect rocks on the trailer with new tires, but somehow seemed too lose many on the way. Par for the trip.

Nov 19, 2018

reminiscing before return visit

while photobucket has de-linked some old photos, and past post have been deleted, I have found some old photos that tell the tale of this long journey. 13 years in the making.